We understand the complexities of stabilisation and clarification in beer brewing and that is why our approach is to focus on the entire process – from the raw materials to the packaged beer. We do this because there are many variables that impact a beer’s filterability and colloidal stability.

Stabifix silica gel, silica sol, PVPP and enzymes improve beer colloidal stability, clarity, and shelf life. They do not affect beer flavour, foam, or colour. 

We explore novel approaches to beer clarification and stabilisation. We look to see how our products and innovations work synergistically and sustainably to significantly improve beer colloidal stability. 

Many Stabifix stabilisation products are suitable for use with beer membrane filters. In addition, Stabifix silica gels, silica sols, and PVPP meet the requirements of the German Beer Purity Law.

OUR AMBITION is to be future-ready