In Practice

Other stabilisation techniques | Use Of Antioxydants

The addition of ascorbic acid or KMS to the finished beer improves the colloidal stability and contributes considerably to flavour stability. One should note, however, that the effect of antioxidants cannot compensate for an incorrect bottling technique and that, above all, they cannot be used to compensate for an excessive oxygen pick-up. In fact, ascorbic acid prolongs shelf life even if the air content is high. However, in this case ascorbic acid creates an intensive flavour deterioration after a certain period of time.

The dosing rates generally used range between 2 and 5 g/hl. This dosage improves the effectiveness of STABIFIX stabilisers considerably. A 2 to 3 fold increase of shelf life can be achieved in relation to a stabilizations with STABIFIX silica gel alone. In some cases STABICLEAR PVPP can be reduced. 
Dissolved in water the ascorbic acid has to be added to the beer after filtration. By no means should ascorbic acid be put into the kieselguhr dosing vessel. It would dissolve iron from the kieselguhr and then transfer it into the beer. Furthermore the reductive capacity of the ascorbic acid would be partially used up by the iron of the kieselguhr.