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Stabivac for dust-free handling of silica gels. The Stabivac is a water jet device for vacuum extraction of dust from filteraids in kieselguhr dosing units, developed by STABIFIX Brauerei-Technik. Stabivac is connected to the dosing vessel. According to the principle of the water jet pump the unit causes suction through the filling aperture into the interior so that the dust of the filteraids cannot escape from the vessel. The effective suction of this device is specially adjusted to kieselguhr dosing units used in breweries and can be regulated by means of propellant water pressure. Stabivac is made of stainless steel, has no moving parts and therefore is not subject to wear. The unit can be safely sterilized together with the dosing vessel. For occasional manual cleaning, the Stabivac can easily be dismantled.