In Practice

Other stabilisation techniques | No Premix supplied

Why Stabifix does not supply premixes, blends and multifunctional products?

There are three desired main functions when it comes to the task of achieving long term clarity in beer:

  • Clarification, removal of particles
  • Protein stabilisation, removal of haze sensitive proteins
  • Polyphenol stabilisation, removal of haze reactive polyphenols

The Stabifix product range addresses all such functions with a focus on the stabilisation of proteins and polyphenols, leaving the final clarification to membranes or DE filters. All Stabifix stabilisers and pre-clarifiers can be used in combination with each other. Sometimes a sequential application will be benefitial.

Several suppliers to the industry offer fixed blends or modified multi-purpose products, often combining two of the three before-mentioned functions. It needs to be recognised though that removing haze particles with filtration aids for clarification is a different technical task than removing haze sensitive proteins, which again is a different task than removing polyphenolic haze precursors.

Certainly most processing aids have more than one isolated effect during its application: Silicagel can contribute to a sharper filtration performance, PVPP can co-adsorb some proteins, deatomacious earth will remove some haze precursors. But none of the products will do a complete job on all required functions. One product – a blend, premix or modified adsorber – may have dual effects, but it is impossible that both such effects will be applied at an optimised rate. One of the two will either be insufficient – with a need to be supported by an additional product – or it is overdosed, so part of the product is wasted and beer quality sacrificed by excessive adsorption of beer components.

In an ideal scenario, each of the three tasks are evaluated (measured) and addressed individually on as-needed basis. This does not mean it cannot be done in one step. But not with one product. It also needs to be considered, that raw materials and processes do change and the ratio of applied product functionality needs to be shifted.

If an assessment of a multiple function product is required, the performance of each function needs to be evaluated and – ideally – compared to the cost performance of the corresponding mono functional products.

Stabifix will offer recommendations and solutions for each individual task the brewer is faced when it comes to clarifying and stabilising beer: removal of haze particles, removal of haze sensitve proteins, removal of haze reactive polyphenols. Each at a perfectly well set dosage rate. No insufficient nor excessive treatment. No waste of capacity or money. Follow that good principle and let Stabifix support you in finding your best mix for each beer.