In Practice

German purity law conform stabilisation | Classical combined stabilisation with PVPP

Classical Combined Stabilisation with PVPP It is known that the adsorption effect of STABIFIX silica gels towards protein-polyphenol compounds of the beer aims mainly at the protein side. STABICLEAR PVPP on the other hand is effective on the polyphenol side. The combination of STABIFIX silica gel and STABICLEAR PVPP is therefore ideal. With this combination a high stability can be achieved according to purlity law regulation, without excessive eliminating of either, the higher molecular protein compounds or valuable polyphenol fraction. Such carefull and balanced process is ideal to achieve high stabilities while maintaining the character of the beer. STABICLEAR PVPP is tailor made for a combined application with most STABIFIX silica gels. It is easy to suspend, relatively low in dust and has superior filtration characteristics. The products can be suspended together but a suspension in separate dosing vessels gives most flexiblity and can result in long term cost savings. Pre-clarified beers will boost the performance of both stabiliser types at filtration stage. Often brewers decide to apply STABICLEAR PVPP at maturation stage to make full use of the adsorptive capacity and combine STABIFIX silica gel at the same stage or later at filtration stage.


Stabifix Silica Gel and PVPP in the recycling process

In order to obtain optimum operating conditions at the recycling filter it is necessary to have a bright filtered beer, as the recycling filter is not really used for filtration, but for bringing the beer in contact with the PVPP and to regenerate the PVPP. With this process a primary protein stabilization with STABIFIX silica gel has proven to be very effective. Reduced dosing rates of 20 to 50 g/hl of STABIFIX silica gels have to be taken into account.