In Practice

German purity law conform stabilisation | Application at Beer Transfer

It is possible to add STABIFIX stabilisers directly to the storage tank as practised with other stabilizers. In this case silica gel has to be added to the beer as an aqueous suspension when the beer is pumped from one storage tank to another. Most of the STABIFIX stabiliser portion is then eliminated by sedimentation.

For application in the transfer process a special type of STABIQUICK has been developed: STABIQUICK SEDI. This material consists of xerogel and high swelling sodium-bentonite. An important advantage of this product is easy mixing with water to form a suspension, which is free from lumps. This then allows a quick formoation of a compact sediment. 

The stabilization process in the storage cellar can be applied likewise during transfer of the beer from fermenter to storage tank. Then the sedimentation of STABIQUICK SEDI occurs together with the yeast. In this case, however, a secondary stabilization at final filtration will probably be necessary, in order to remove also the haze forming particles from the beer which had additionally been formed during chilling.

All STABIFIX stabilisers can be applied at fermentation or maturation stage but there is a particular advantage in doing so for the tank stabiliser STABIFIX SEDI to pre-clarify the beer and for STABICLEAR PVPP, which benefits from increased contact times, delivering up to 20% more adsorption compared to filtration application.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of STABIFIX stabilisers is increased if all standard procedures which enhance beer stability and which are known to the brewer have been applied in order to achieve an optimum stability before the actual stabilization. In this respect a long, cold storage period is usually advantageous. In those cases where no long and cold storage is possible, STABIFIX stabiliser have proven to be a useful means of compensation.